About us

About Us

Looking for a solution to market your brand through digital marketing in Guwahati? Owkus Web Solutions is here to help you. Owkus Web Solutions is a web designing and digital marketing company in Guwahati, India. We, the team of Owkus Web Solutions shows their complete dedication to satisfy the demand of their customers. The motto of the team is to build the website with the brain and beauty.
The ultimate goal of Owkus Web Solutions is to deliver a website which has beauty and brain. The only motive of our team is the satisfaction of the client so that the clients can get the maximum returns of their investment.

Why Owkus Web Solutions

Owkus Web Solutions takes a tactical approach to every project they take. We believe that if the effort is given, the outcome will be fruitful for sure. The team members start every project with research and then set a goal to complete the project successfully. We assist you in how to convert the visitors of your website to the customers.
Our team members before starting a project always start it with detailed research. We believe without knowing the background of your product, you cannot justify the marketing of the product. Our top management ensures that every member of our team offers their expertise for the success of every project we take. Our team consists of SEO experts, Content developers, link building experts, and content marketing experts. We start our projects by creating the website first and then work on the SEO (search engine optimization).
The ultimate aim of Owkus Web Solutions is to bring your website to the top position in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Owkus Web Solutions as a complete digital marketing and web designing company of India also can handle your social media profiles so that your connections with your customers become stronger. We aim to establish active collaboration with our clients to share knowledge and ideas with the partners.

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Our services

Traffic oriented goal

When we get a project, we start it by doing the background research first. Background research helps us to know more about the project because of which we can develop a website that can attract traffic. In our research, we give importance to the traffic so that we can convert them to the customer of your product. Target audience or customer is a very important aspect in the case of digital marketing.

Website design

Owkus Web Solutions also here to provide you a beautifully designed website. We will design your website according to your needs. The design of a website is important as it can create the first impression of the products you are going to offer them. When we go shopping, we always like to buy our thinks from a beautiful store. In the case of digital marketing also, a beautifully designed website always gets the preference from the customers.

Website development

After designing your website, now its time to make it SEO friendly, so that it can get the top rank in the SERP. Owkus Web Solutions has an experienced SEO team who will try their best to make your website best. We also provide you CMS (Content Management System) to make the SEO stronger. Our team will handle both the off-page and on-page SEO for your website. Before starting SEO for your website, we will also do keyword research for you.

Digital marketing

We, Owkus Web Solutions will also provide you digital marketing. Now, we are living in a digital world and so everything becomes digital. We prefer to do online shopping over going to the open market for shopping. So as a complete web development company, we also provide our clients the digital marketing services. For marketing your product digitally, we provide you with complete SEO and Google AdWord.

Improving the conversion rate

Conversion in SEO means the number of visitors of your website who perform the desired activity on the website like subscribing to the newsletter or buying the product from your online store. The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the conversions by the total number of visitors. Suppose you have an online store and a total of 100 people have visited your store. Among the 100, if 10 of them buying products from your online store, then the conversion rate of your site is 10%. Our team of Owkus Web Solutions will give all our effort to improve the conversion rate of our client websites.

Owkus Web Solutions: the Best solution for your online business

Choose Owkus Web Solutions as your online business manager and get the best services. It is the best digital marketing company in Guwahati India. We will provide you services from making websites to managing the E-commerce of your site. If you want to get the complete package of web development and digital marketing, then contact us immediately.